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3 Signs Your Higher Self Is Trying to Get Your Attention

3 Signs Your Higher Self Is Trying to Get Your Attention

There is more to this life than we can see with our two physical eyes

Your higher self is not something outside of you. It’s simply a higher, much wiser version of yourself.

1. The Numbers Are Lining Up
Seeing repeating numbers once or twice in your life may just be a coincidence to ignore, but seeing it repeatedly, especially when you’re thinking of things that feed your soul or things that may harm you, isn’t something to ignore. It’s something to think about.

Numbers like 1111, 2222, or 3333 are messages that need to be decoded. Your higher self may be trying to tell you something.

Numbers are the language of the universe. 1 means 1 in America, it means 1 in Africa and it’s 1 in Europe. It means 1 everywhere you go, and it’s never confused for anything else. Because numbers are universal, it is one of the most common and easiest ways your higher self would try to communicate with you.

It’s only the curious and the open-minded that can connect with something as mystical as the concept of the higher self and repeating numbers and it’s only the curious and open-minded that goes down the rabbit hole and their lives are changed for the better, forever.

There is more to this life than we can see with our two physical eyes. The spiritual third eye sees and knows things that are unseen. Fix your eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. When there’s something eternal living inside you, then it knows things you don’t know. It’s heard things you’ll never hear and has seen things you’ll probably never see.

Repeating numbers or angel numbers may appear to you from your higher self as an assurance to keep doing what you’re doing because it’s leading you where you’re meant to go.

It may be telling you to stop wasting so much time and start focusing on more important things and other times, numbers may be telling you to rethink decisions you’ve taken, to break free from certain habits and routines that are keeping you stuck, or to stay away from something or someone that could potentially lead you down the wrong path.

When you find that you keep seeing angel numbers every day and you actually take notice of them as aligned, don’t ignore it. Be as curious as a cat and do some investigation and you may uncover or discover something that changes the course of your life.

2. Your Intuition Keeps Whispering

Intuition is something we all possess. It’s like an inner compass or guidance system that is installed in us to guide us on our journey here on earth.

When you’re connected to your intuition and all is good, communication is steady and but when you find that intuition is coming in way too often and way too strong, then it’s your higher self trying to get your attention on an urgent matter.

It may be your higher self trying to tell you to pursue a purpose or pay attention to something you aren’t paying attention to.

Intuition speaks in many other ways.

Sometimes it’s a random insight out of nowhere that makes you scratch your head or an intense energy download that keeps you still wondering what it even means. It may be a thought you can’t get out of your head no matter how hard you try or a gut feeling that you can’t seem to shake off. It could even involve physical symptoms like feeling sick all of a sudden.

Intuition could also be something that makes you so excited you feel like you could spread your wings and fly! Your higher self knows you best and will always speak to you in a way it knows you will understand.

 No matter what it is your intuition is trying to tell you to do or warn you against, it will always be calm and subtle. It will never be loud. It will never be negative. It will never freak you out. 
Intuition will only make you think deeply or feel something intensely, but it will never make you afraid.

It’s not intuition’s nature to make you afraid. If what you feel makes you even a little bit terrified, you can ignore it and go about your day because your intuition will never use fear to get you to take action. Instead, it will nudge you in the most gentle of ways to get you to get up and go outside, and there you will find someone or something in desperate need of help and you’ll be the one to save the day.

The same way you have a higher self that is higher than you and knows things you don’t know, you have a lower self that is lower than you, thinks it knows everything but knows nothing at all. Just like there are imposters in everything, your intuition has an imposter, and that’s fear.

This lower self fears the ascension process. Evolution is an uncomfortable subject because it implies change. Change is a scary, scary thing for the lower self. It just wants to be comfortable where it is. It’s afraid when you ascend, it might fall and so it will do everything in its minuscule power to sabotage and bring you back down to its level, but the higher self is higher and much wiser and will succeed if you heed its guidance.

Fear is paralyzing. You’ll be too afraid to even open the front door to check. Intuition is empowering. It’ll move you to action. Even when you’re in grave danger, you will remain calm as you navigate boldly because it’s your higher self in action.

Intuition is cool, calm, and collected, but underestimating or ignoring it can be dangerous. You may be the only one who can save someone’s life or even your own life. You can save yourself from making a mistake that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

3. Something is Calling You
You may not even know what’s calling, but it’s so strong and you feel it deep inside your soul that you answer the call. You obey and, to your surprise; you answer the call and it leads you to the thing you came here to do.

You heed the call and it leads you to your passion, and through your passion; you find your life’s purpose. When you find your purpose, everything changes for the better. You change for the better.

The higher self really does have your back. It wants you to live the life it knows you are capable of living. It wants you to fulfill every single dream and every soul mission. Your higher self wants you to step fully into your power so can help others step boldly into theirs.

When all of a sudden, you feel called; you feel drawn to something or somewhere almost like a magnet is pulling you in that direction and when you get there; you feel so good and settled inside of you, that’s a clear sign that your higher self involved.

Life and its many obstacles and challenges tend to keep us from embodying our true selves and walking in our purpose but if you pay attention, you will hear, feel, or just know when you’re being divinely guided.

If you follow a call and find that your spirit has come alive and your soul is so happy it wants to come out and dance, you’re right where you’re meant to be and you can thank yourself — your higher self — for showing you the way.

Your higher self is the one that signed all the soul contracts. It has all the answers and knows everything that will happen. If you’re searching for hidden knowledge and the most profound truths about life, your higher self is the person to go to. This part of you is eternal and knows you more than anybody. It knows the steps you’ll take before you take them. It already knows the mistakes you will make before you start your day.

When you pay attention, you won’t stumble and fall. Danger will come near your tent but it can’t come in. You’ll gracefully move into action before it can even get close to harming you or anyone you love.

The higher self isn’t just something that keeps you safe on the right path, but it’s also an abundant source of inspiration. The more you can connect with it, the more your soul will evolve and the more successful you’ll be in every you do.

  Author: Kimberly Fosu | Source | Photo: Pixabay​


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