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5 Simple Habits of Truly Happy Couples 👫

5 Simple Habits of Truly Happy Couples 👫

Loving each other is not enough.

Have you ever wished you could find a little more joy and love in your relationship?

Or maybe you struggle to end fights quickly and often find yourself in a doom-loop of negative feelings instead of having each others’ back during hard times?

If so, you’ve probably found yourself wondering while others seem to have perfectly loving partners and well-functioning relationships while you don’t. And you might also have read a book or two about relationships and why they fail, but here’s the problem with all of this:

You don’t need someone to talk about your mistakes, you need concrete action steps to improve your behavior. What you need is action and practice.

While most of us grow up watching Disney movies and listening to fairy tales on how they lived happily ever after, real relationships are complex.

A healthy, strong relationship is determined by so many factors, including the personality traits of the partners, but also external factors. Our stress levels, psychological and environmental factors, emotions, life events, and current circumstances are all challenges our relationships need to overcome daily.

“A good relationship is when someone accepts your past, supports your present and encourages your future.”— Zig Ziglar

While falling in love is easy, having a strong, healthy, and happy relationship is based on hard work. And everyone who’s trying to tell you the opposite is either lying, didn’t ever experience a long-term relationship or is incredibly lucky.

Everyone wants a vibrant, loving, strong relationship, and the good news is that you can actually do a lot to achieve that goal. Great relationships are no coincidence. They are based on certain values and principles that both partners are comfortable with and rely on.

And while every relationship is different, some of these principles do apply for most of us.

These habits are just a reminder, and you probably already know the importance of them. However, it pays to make a conscious effort in applying them more often.

1. Happy couples communicate effectively
Honest, effective communication is so much more than just talking to each other.
2. They demonstrate their love
Contrary to most people’s belief, real love requires action. It doesn’t just happen.
3. They pay attention to their partner
Sounds too obvious? Unfortunately, for most couples, it isn’t.
4. They schedule private time
5. They handle disagreements intelligently

Bottom Line

If you want to make real changes to how you feel and behave in your relationship,
knowing about these principles isn’t enough.

You need to apply them. And more importantly You both need to apply them.

Talk to your partner, discuss which of the above is still missing in your relationship, find ways to cultivate them in a way it makes both of you happy.

Communicate effectively | Demonstrate your love | Pay attention to your partner | Schedule private time | Handle disagreements intelligently.

Source | Featured image by Relevante design on Unsplash

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