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The Most Intense Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

The Most Intense Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These Signs Channel Their Energy In The Most Intense Ways

Sometimes when you meet someone you’re immediately blown away by how intense they are. Whether you’re on a first date with someone who gets right down to the most extreme questions or someone won’t stop staring at you from across the bar, some people just have a different level of intensity. And people can channel this power:

Some are always at the gym, while others put on a show as lawyers in a courtroom. But are there any ways to understand where this behavior is coming from? As it turns out, astrology can provide some hints about which signs are most likely to be on a deeper level than others. Read on to find out which zodiac signs are the most intense, from the energetic and excited to completely concentrated on one thing only.

Number 6 | Libra (Least Intense)
Libras are known for seeking justice and they won’t stop until they find it. Valerie Evans, the author of Forensic Astrology 101, explains that because of this, Librans are often the lawyers of the zodiac. One example is Libra Kim Kardashian, who’s currently hoping to become a lawyer.

But sometimes, they can channel all of this energy into the arts. Evans says Libras “are intense with their creativity and performance.” She cites rocker Tommy Lee, a Libra sun, as one good example, who’s “known for the intensity of his drumming and his love of performing.”

Number 5 | Cancer
Cancers are famous for getting emotional about every little thing. They just don’t have it in them to be low-key, whether they’re holding grudges or protecting their family. Melissa Rhodes, the co-founder of Psychics 101, tells us Cancers often experience intense “mood swings and resentment of the injustices surrounding them each day.”

“Cancer has very little patience and can show annoyance at the slightest disagreement,” Rhodes says. This impatience can lead to extreme behavior if they aren’t able to calm down.

Number 4 | Capricorn
Capricorns are notoriously hard workers. If you’ve ever had a Cap colleague, you know that nothing can stop them when they get in the zone. Evans warns, “Capricorns can work themselves to death because they work with such intensity that their body will break down before they realize it.”

This concentration can lead to promotions, but it can also mean they don’t have much of a personal life because they’re so hyper-focused on their goals.

Number 3 | Leo
Leos always want to be in charge. They are, after all, the kings and queens of the Zodiac. Because of their leadership skills, they often won’t stop until they get what they want. In some cases, Leos channel this intensity into working out nonstop.

Evans explains, “Leos’ passion for strength and fitness is a testament to their intensity from a physical perspective.” They always want to look and feel their best, so you can expect to find Leos constantly striving for more, whether in the gym or the office. Evans says, “They are often committed to high performance and excellence.”

Number 2 | Aries
It’s not surprising that Aries comes in on top of this list, since they’re used to being the best. Evans explains Aries often become leaders and dictators because they “give impassioned speeches and work tirelessly to enlist the help of thousands to support their cause.”

They’re not just impressive at controlling a crowd, they’re also good at motivating people, including themselves. Evans describes Aries as always able to “accomplish an impossible task.”

Number 1 | Scorpio (Most Intense)
Scorpios are famous for their intensity. According to Evans, “Mars-ruled Scorpios will dig deep until they can’t dig anymore,” which makes them “intense in everything they do.” The forensic astrologer tells us many Scorpios are investigators because they’re “committed to unearthing the truth.”


However, Astrology is so varied that often 2 people with the ads against them, can get along splendidly.

Whether you’re reading on natal chart compatibility or following the ancient practices of Hindu astrology (called “Vedic astrology”), there are many ways to interpret astrology charts. We put together a list of the most popular types of astrology and explained their methodology, so you have all the tools you need to interpret and understand birth charts. Not only that, but you’ll connect with the cosmos better if you have a study you’re passionate about.

Love Astrology
A synastry chart is used in relationship astrology to see how planets connect from chart-to-chart with a significant other, crush, friend, colleague, or family member. Another method of relationship astrology is to create a composite chart—in which both charts are put together to create one chart from the two. When reading a composite chart, it’s important to note that you’re only looking at the ascendant and the planets—no other houses. This is because you’re seeing how the two of you connect, not how you both connect with others.

The main misconception when doing relationship astrology is to find out what’s happening with your love life, you don’t have to look beyond your own chart. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, astrology is all about projection. This means it’s the energy we give off to others and what we are pulling into our lives.

Vedic Astrology
Vedic astrology, or Hindu astrology, is a form of Indian astrology that can be dated back thousands of years. Modern Vedic astrology is used in India to project the success of marriages, businesses, and everyday themes of life. Similar to western astrology, this form of divination has twelve signs. However, unlike western astrology (which follows the seasons, the Jyotiṣa system is calibrated based on constellations.

Natal Astrology
Using one’s birth chart (which requires the time, date, and location of birth) as a map to the cosmos, it’s possible to seek out all the answers pertaining to one’s direction and goals.

Not only that, but natal astrology can give a deeper explanation of all of the hopes and fears that are felt deep within. A natal birth chart will give access to one’s hopes, dreams, and fears—with an understanding of how they manifested from past lives. Using our birth data, the astrologer can erect a chart with the natal details as well as progressions (the evolved birth chart) to look at timing and events that are happening in the querent’s life and find the perfect timing to start tasks or implement goals.

Medical Astrology
This is perhaps the most complex type of astrology out there (in my opinion, anyway). When one falls ill, it’s important to cast a chart for the time they enter their “sick bed” or find out that they need rest to feel better. If you cannot cast a chart, then it’s important to note the time and date so that an astrologer can look at it and create a chart to understand the prognosis and determine how, when, and why the patient would get better.

Medical astrology used planets, signs, and house placements to get information about illnesses. But it can also dictate sensitivities or body parts that are prone to illness.

Horary Astrology
Sometimes, we need to get more specific than casting a regular astrology chart to find all the necessary answers. Horary astrology is an ancient form of astrology in which the querent asks a question and, with the help of the astrologer, a projected chart is cast and answers are given.

A few rules: The answers dictate the outcome for three months at a time. Also, you cannot ask the same question within the span of three months, as you’ll get wonky answers. The chart is cast based on the location of the astrologer and the time is defined by when the question is asked. “Yes or no” questions are not encouraged, as the astrologer will help you see the right path. Additionally, in horary, the moon plays an important role in answering the question because it’s the natural receiver and giver of information.

Electional Astrology
Have you ever wanted to find the most precise and best time to start an activity, go on a date, or apply for a job? If so, then ejections astrology is for you.

Electoral, or electional, astrology uses the moon to gage insights as well, but it really focuses on what the ascendent is doing during the time one wishes to start the activity or venture. The moon must be in the first house to get a positive outcome—and not void, of course (unless you want nothing to come of the matter). This chart is based on the moment the ascendant yields a positive vibe in accordance to the moon.

Uranian Astrology
This form of astrology uses midpoints (the middle degrees between two planets) to find planetary triggers that are necessary for one to take action in all matters of their lives.

To find one’s midpoints, you would have to erect a midpoint tree using a midpoint calculator—or do the math yourself. Then, one would look at the points in the midpoint tree and see if they are being activated by any transits. This method is especially useful when it comes to relationship astrology because it can give specific details about how we connect with others or energetically feel around them.

If your “Hell Point”—the midpoint between Saturn and Pluto—aligns with someone’s sun, then the partnership will have an obsessive vibe. If your Venus and Jupiter midpoint aligns with their sun, then you will both feel as though the world’s your oyster when you’re together.

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