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Twin Flame Separation Will All But Kill You👫

Twin Flame Separation Will All But Kill You👫

You just have to keep on the path, no matter how bizarre it gets.

Are you ready for a mind-blowing yet true story? I met my twin flame a few months back. Cool, right? Soon after meeting each other, they were no longer in communication with me. It’s ridiculous. I am still struggling, weeks later, with the strange pain.

I have gone through a couple of transformations per week since then, yet I can’t shake this connection I feel. It’s beyond anything I have ever experienced. Some days I feel like I’m decaying within my own skin.

I’ve spoken to a handful of friends who are also experiencing twin flame separation, and they report the same level of extreme pain. If you’re going through it, too, I can almost picture you nodding your head as you read this. We’re in this together, after all. Team Twin Flame!

The pain is obvious. There’s no point in talking about it because that isn’t going to make it go away. Moving forward through the strange path that life has presented you with might do the trick, though. After all, meeting your twin flame is likely the least interesting thing that is happening to you right now, am I right? It only sparked an awakening beyond your wildest dreams.

Nothing makes sense anymore, am I right?

My very bizarre life experiences since this twin flame awakening might be of interest to you. Even for someone who hasn’t met their twin flame, you might want to indulge me for a moment here. My mind has certainly been blown, so why shouldn’t I try to blow yours, too?

What follows are some of the outrageously juicy spiritual things that have begun happening to me in the two months since I met my twin flame.

You guessed it! The synchronicities have obviously ramped up. Are you seeing a ridiculous number of license plates with 333 on them? Are you always looking at the clock on when it’s on the 11, 22, 33, 44, and 55 minutes of each hour? Are there wacky signs you see on the highway that just randomly say 111?

At one point, I just gave up thinking deeply about it because they were so constant that I started wondering if numbers were ever real in the first place.

Spoiler alert: they’re not.

More than this, animals have been paramount in this synchronistic journey. I had a frog land on my lap while I was meditating the day before I met my twin. I went hiking and saw a pair of swans in the wild. Swans! I don’t live anywhere that swans are normal to see.

Are you seeing this, too?

It’s all there to remind us that there is no separation. Everything is the same. The numbers are the same. Time isn’t real, there’s only the present moment. Maybe I’m not real. Animals are really reflections of us. Things aren’t random.

It all starts to make sense when it’s been happening for a while and you simply can’t look away anymore.

Seeing Very Strange Things
In addition to synchronicities, I have witnessed all the miracles I could have asked for. (Except one, of course — I think you know what I mean here.)

Rainbows. Shooting stars. Stuff I don’t care to even write about here because it’s really unbelievable and you might stop subscribing to my posts if I tell you. Trust me, though. It is all there to stretch my mind past the boundaries of reality.

To make me doubt space and time.

Feeling Very Strange Things
I have random panic attacks just when things seem to be going really well. On the least eventful days, I’ll start doubting whether twin flames are even real, and then I get this anxiety that takes over my whole body. It’s been fun.

I feel new things. People’s thoughts, the reality of situations, intuitive messages from spirits — you name it, I probably have felt it. It’s wild and wonderful. I might end up in the madhouse though, but I know I’m not crazy.

Smelling Very Strange Things
My clairalience has been activated.

Yeah, I didn’t know what that was before this, either.

I smell him. I smell things that aren’t there. I smell cleaning liquid, cigarette smoke, potpourri, perfume, hotel shampoo, you name it. I am still trying to figure out what significance it has. And I’m fine with it having none whatsoever because that would fit nicely in with everything else happening.

Dreaming the Wildest Things
What kind of dreams have started happening? Dreams in sync with the twin. Dreams that foretell the next day’s events. Dreams giving me instructions. Dreams give me hopeful messages. The list goes on. I’ve had them all.

Dreams aren’t just your subconscious working out problems, I know that for sure now. Dreams are your boundless self as it manifests in a realm of higher consciousness, and you absolutely can speak with other souls there. You can find answers there. You can do pretty much anything you want there!

Are You Okay?
None of us are okay, so that was a rhetorical question. We twin flame people are all losing our minds.

But you love it, right?

Imagine if we’d lived our whole lives without getting to meet our twin flames, and we never knew that there was magic in this world. How boring! We’re the lucky ones.

I, for one, am infinitely grateful to my absent twin flame for sparking this incredible spiritual awakening in me. I literally have superpowers. In the beginning, I would joke with myself about having powers, but it’s not a joke anymore. I could probably learn to fly if I wanted to.

 Source | Image Pavel Danilyuk  Pexels


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