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Why Are Libras So Attractive? 🎞️

What is it about Libras that make them so attractive?

Libras are so attractive that many zodiac signs find their personality irresistible.

Libras are so attractive both inside and out.

Charm, intelligence, and altogether loyalty is what ties together a Libra.

When people say that beauty is skin deep, they are likely referring to a Libra.

Libras’ good-looks are just part of what makes them so beautiful and alluring.

To say a Libra is so attractive is to scratch the surface of what compels people to fall in love with a Libra.

When it comes to this Venus-ruled zodiac sign, no matter where they go, everyone just seems to notice them and makes sure that they do.

Somehow Libras are always so addicting and there never seems to be enough with them.

But what exactly makes them so attractive? Here is a look behind their charm and what they like in a partner.

Here are some characteristics that make Libra so attractive, according to astrology:

Libra is fun to be around, and people find this attractive.

Somehow Libras are always so addicting and there never seems to be enough with them.

But what exactly makes them so attractive? Here is a look behind their charm and what they like in a partner.

They are very intelligent and highly attentive

Libras are known for their smarts and knowledge. They pay attention to their surroundings and observe what others might have missed.

People who talk to Libras fall for their intelligence. Conversations with them get the person infatuated in their choice of words and composed sentences.

Libras are so attractive and it shows in their musical preferences.

No matter what genre, Libras are always there with good taste in music.

They know which songs will set the mood and will tell you how they feel without saying a word.

People will get swept up in the amazing music playing and will look forward to what songs their Libra partner will perfectly assign them next. A relationship with a Libra will bring sweet melodies in their partner’s life.

Libras are super romantic, and this is attractive.

Romance is never off the table with a Libra. They know how to show their love and to make sure their partner is always on their mind.

Whenever someone is in a relationship with Libras, they will feel like they are in a fairytale. And they will also be the envy of their single friends.

Loyalty is their number one priority, and this is an attractive Libra trait.

Devotion is always in a Libra’s vocabulary when it comes to relationships. They do everything to make sure their partners don’t feel uncomfortable.

Being with a Libra is sure to give the person a sense of security and respect. They will never feel like there is someone else who will bring their love down.

Libras are so attractive for their rationality.

Each time they are presented with a choice, Libra’s take their time to make sure it’s one that will benefit them in the end. Seeing the end of their decisions help to get them where they need to be with the people that mean the world to them.

Loving a Libra includes waiting for them to decide, but know that they are also thinking of you and how this will affect your relationship. This is how they are able to keep balance with someone who they can’t see not being in their life.

Libras are so attractive because they are peaceful.

In relation to being rational, they think about what good the conflict on the horizon will bring them. They are light-hearted and would hate to see through fights with anyone in their life.

This does not mean there won’t be fights, but rather a promise that they won’t escalate the situation to a point of no return. Keeping the peace is who they are, and wanting things to work out is their main goal.

Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius find Libras most attractive.

Gemini finds Libra’s love of knowledge and natural curiosity truly alluring.

Libra’s creative side is what draws Leo in; their optimism and love for adventure match their zodiac sign.

A Libra’s love for balance is what Sagittarius appreciates most.

Libra’s need to please everyone balances Aquarius’s personality out.

Famous Libras who are so attractive:

Will Smith: American actor, producer and rapper born on September 25, 1968
Catherine Zeta-Jones: Welsh actress born on September 25, 1969
Kim Kardashian: American media personality, socialite, model, businesswoman and actress born on October 21, 1980
Kate Winslet: British actress born on October 5, 1975

How to treat a Libra you find attractive:

Be charming, kind, and be great at listening. Libra likes someone who will make him laugh and who brings out his creative side.

Be someone a Libra can confide in. Honesty and kindness go a long way. Libras like someone who will help balance their life and who can easily support them no matter what.

Libras are so attractive, even in ancient astrology:

Because of this, Libras are tied to love and harmony in every relationship they have. Experts say they rule the 7th House, which is known as the House of Marriage and is committed to some lasting partnerships.

Aphrodite rules in this house through air energy and focuses on the mind.

Aphrodite also brings Libras the concept of choice in their relationships and the curse of making the wrong choice haunting them. A good example is the story “The Judgement of Paris”, the beginning of the story of Troy.

Hurt from not being invited to a wedding, a goddess threw a golden apple near the place and wrote on it to give it to the loveliest goddess.

A fight broke out between Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera as to who should get it, and Paris (the prince of Troy) was appointed to judge.

Aphrodite offered the heart of the most beautiful woman in the world and was given the apple. She then sought out Helen who was betrothed to the enemy and once found she was taken by Paris, war broke out.

Although some people believe it was Aphrodite’s fault that the war broke out, it was actually Paris who held that string of fate in his hands.

Each goddess offered him something he most desired in the world, but it was he who decided love was what he ultimately wanted.

Featured Image by Gustavo Torres on Unsplash
Author: Isabell Tenorio at YourTangeo


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