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10 Reasons Why Life is Better After 60

10 Reasons Why Life is Better After 60

Surprising Facts about Age and Relationships.

The surprising fact is that while people frequently complain about aging and the fact they can’t do things with the same intensity and vigor they had in their youth, most mature adults actual report that they are happier now than at any other time in their adult lives.

Through the years we accumulate maturity, experience, knowledge of oneself and how to cultivate relationships with others, among many other coping skills we just didn’t have earlier in life. This leads to a greater sense of peace in life and as one approaches retirement, there also comes greater freedom and new opportunities. There is a reason they call these the “golden years”!

1) Relationships Improve
One of the most important skills, gained throughout our lifetime of aging, is how we learn about ourselves, and how to have effective relationships with others. Relationships become more meaningful as we get older and we tend to let go of the ones that aren’t working.

Rather than holding back, we are more open about our weaknesses so that our relationships may continue to grow, We also learn to appreciate loyal friendships. We tend to seek deep and meaningful relationships as opposed to superficial one. These truer relationships often tend to make our later years the best years of our lives. These relationships bring joy, happiness, contentment, and a feeling of mutual respect and love.

2) You’re Tougher Than You Used to Be
As the years go on, the knowledge you obtain from various experiences prepare you for the many challenges along the way. Surviving the death of a loved one is surmountable because you have learned how to mourn and move on.

You know that you will be able to get through a financially tough situation because you’ve probably dealt with financial hardships in your earlier years. You know you will be able to handle a family argument or break up because you have lived through these situations.

From, your past obstacles you gain your coping skills to handle multiple struggles. You have become tough, and you have become well-equipped. By being able to handle these issues more efficiently as they arise, you will have more time to enjoy life, relax as you wish, and be happy.

3) Being A Grandparent
The relationship with grandchildren is completely different than the relationship with your own children. You have more time to share minus all the parenting responsibilities. Many people (jokingly) think having grandchildren is the reward for not killing your own children.

As a parent, you are learning how to be a good parent by keeping your children safe and healthy while also trying to create schedules and routines. As a grandparent, you have already learned how to be a good influence, a loving supporter, and protector, but you do not have to be the disciplinarian.

You get to enjoy your grandchildren’s achievements, along with your own sense of achievement for being a part of their life. You get to spoil them with affection (and gifts), and you also get to serve a as a role model. Being a grandparent is one of the best reasons why life gets better as you get older.

4) Handling Decisions
As we age, we understand the difficulties life tends to throw at us. We learn to endure hardships , and overcome obstacles. Gradually, the hard-earned benefits of hindsight start to add up. We see where we went wrong earlier in our lives, allowing our past mistakes to inform our current situations. We can assess the pros and cons of complex choices on the basis of our past experiences, rather than having to guess about the implications of taking one path rather than another.

Being of a certain age comes with many benefits, and having the foresight to control or handle certain situations is a great advantage. There is a reason the phrase to the “with age comes wisdom” because when you’re older you have a certain insight as a result of past accomplishments as well as past failures.

5) Less Obsession With Looks
How someone looks on the outside should never be as important as how they are on the inside., However, the importance of vanity is often stressed in our younger years. Furthermore, our culture and surroundings tell us it is critical to look great.

The popularity of the “selfie” is proof of this. People trying to take flattering photos of themselves is common on almost every social media network, People often strive for the flawless photo even though you couldn’t possibly maintain that kind of perfection on a regular, daily basis.

Once you are older you don’t place as much importance on constantly trying to look your best. People focus on your inner beauty and appreciate all the earned wrinkles. When you and your older peers can pay less attention to having the perfect appearance, it will take less time and work to look good at 60, and beyond. Less time to worry means more time to live a meaningful life.

6) Retirement
All of our lives are spent constantly trying to reach goals. Whether it means obtaining a high ranking position within a company, making an impact on the world or just becoming an independent adult.

There comes a time, however, when you no longer wish to keep striving for something greater. Instead, we dream of retirement; to leave the status quo behind, and be rewarded for our life’s work.

Of course, there are both advantages and disadvantages of waiting longer to retire. Realistically we all want to retire as soon as possible, but sometimes hitting 60-plus is not the time to stop working, as you can save more and spend less.

If you are in a comfortable financial position and have mentally checked out of the office, retirement opens up a whole new world. Maybe you’ve always wanted to buy a house by the beach, or maybe you just enjoy relaxing at home for the rest of your days.

7) Life is a Gift
As we grow older so do our peers, and eventually the people that have surrounded us our whole lives pass on. Friends’ parents pass, your own parents pass, and then friends pass on, too. We’ll encounter tragedies that serve as constant reminders about how limited our time is, and there’s no guarantee we’ll see tomorrow.

If we take care of our health and well-being it’s certainly possible to live well into our 80’s and 90’s, but it’s not definite. As we grow older this realization becomes more apparent and we see how delicate and precious the remaining years will be. We “take in” all the small occurrences, as well as the big ones, and rejoice in them because we learn how beautiful life can be. We may be more fulfilled by minor activities because we feel more blessed just to be alive, and to have all that has been given to us throughout our lives.

8) We Accept Ourselves
As we become older, we may be less likely to struggle to resist or control our circumstances. We let go of trying to control what we cannot.

An Australian study found that acceptance of what cannot be changed is a significant predictor of satisfaction in later life. Psychoanalyst Ken Eisold wrote, “As we age we have the opportunity to accept who we are, instead of focusing on who we feel we need to become.” We relax into being ourselves.

That acceptance brings diminished anxiety and a higher degree of enjoyment. Life becomes better for us all around, and we sit back and enjoy the time we have left. Knowing that what will come about will, no matter what we do.

9) Financial Stability
We start out life by learning to walk and talk. Then, we move on through school to gain knowledge, and continue schooling to have a career. In fact, work is what we do most of our lives. If we’re lucky, we have enjoyed our jobs at some point, but mainly we work to obtain a financially sound life.

As we age, we become more skillful in our career and financial struggles go away. At some point, most people are able to retire and stop worrying about earning the next pay check to pay the bills. Because of the ability to collect social security and tap into retirement savings, financial stability is more easily attained and issues with money fade.

10) Living Your Life For You
You have one life (assuming there is no afterlife) and it is filled with the circumstances you have created. You make your choices and you keep them. When you’re younger, you often think about what others might think about the decisions you’ve made — who will like or dislike your lifestyle, and so on.

As you get older, you make more choices based on logic and practicality. You also make decisions on what brings you personal joy at the time. You no longer base decisions on how others may judge them. The opinions of others affect you less and less. Arriving at the ripe age of 60 allows you to live your life just for you, so you pursue choices that will bring you happiness in the time you have left.

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