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Five Things That Women Find Incredibly Attractive in Men

Five Things That Women Find Incredibly Attractive in Men

But men ever hardly do!

What can you do to be more attractive to women? Well, it ain’t the looks, money, or success that makes you more attractive.

It’s more simple than that. Actually, it’s being attractive is so simple that it happens by accident.

But if you’re not caught up in one of the lucky accidents, here are a few things that might help:

Talking less
Wait for a second, do you want me to talk less?  Exactly, I want you to talk less for the sake of listening more.  A wise man once said that if you listen you learn. Without listening there’s no learning. There’s just talking.

The first rule is to talk less. Talking less brings order to the chaos and helps you to improve your communication. The less you talk, the better is. People who talk too much often listen too little. You don’t want to follow their tracks. Instead, enjoy the benefits of talking less(…)

Listening is the only antidote to chaos. If you can’t listen, you shouldn’t talk because anything you say has the potential to harm your relationship and partner.

Learning to listen takes time, courage, and maturity. Before you got the three, you shouldn’t consider yourself a good listener. Listening is the opposite of speaking — you don’t speak, listen. Keep your mouth shut and open your ears, heart, and mind.

Forcing yourself to listen can be tough but necessary. Anything else results in chaos. Learning to listen kills the pointless drama you’re suffering with a woman.

Listening cuts out the suffering part completely because you no longer see yourself as the victim of the situation. As soon as you listen, you will control the situation. How?

Let’s compare your argument to a fire. Your words are the burning wood, and your uncontrolled emotions are the oxygen. When you listen, you stop giving the fire what needs: wood. And you cut off the oxygen by being emotionally aware of your partner. Emotional awareness requires you to listen. And listening increases your awareness. So that’s a win-win.

You know that not everyone is great at this — and many men are terrible listeners in general. But here’s the thing: if you want women to really like you, then listen to what they say and take action on it. It will make all the difference in your ability to connect with women and get them interested in hanging out with you!

Listening is the fast track to talking less. Also, it’s the kindest approach you can take. You might wonder how other people get to know you if you’re not talking about yourself. Part of the answer is that they don’t get to know you faster than you get to know them. That’s another benefit of talking less. You realize much quicker who you’re dealing with.

Talking less will prevent you from

  • upsetting people
  • causing trouble
  • steering up arguments
  • making friends with the wrong people

So, there are countless benefits beyond women that you’ll reap as soon as you talk less and listen more.

A bright smile makes you more attractive to women. No, I’m not referring to the dirty smile — keep that one locked in the bedroom.

I’m referring to a genuine smile that breaks most hearts. Smiling more takes courage, but it’s also attractive.

A smile is not just a sign of happiness or contentment — it’s also a sign of confidence and strength, which is something we all need in life. Research proves that smiling alters your confidence.

Confident people smile more, and so should you, even if you don’t feel like it at all. Studies highlight that smiling increases your self-image.

If you smile for a little, you might look and feel better. Try it out in front of a mirror. When you get up in the morning, smile at yourself. How do you feel after smiling at yourself?

According to science, smiling makes you feel happier. It’s a trick you can pull on yourself whenever you don’t feel like it.

A positive attitude
A positive attitude makes you more appealing because it’s refreshing to meet someone who ain’t negative. I am sure that you suffered from encounters with negative people.

We all have this one college, friend, or family member that’s consumed by the negative sides of life. Interacting with negative people rubs off. It’s the fast track to feeling down.

If you want to avoid this experience, embrace the good sides of life. Actually, forcing yourself to see the good sides in life will make you see more and more.

There’s no way in stopping. Once you start, you’ll see and attract the positive things in life at a high speed. All that requires is a shift in your mindset.

That positive attitude will make you more attractive. Your behavior makes you magnetic. Women love to be with an optimistic man. Far too many men are negative about life. Feelings like resentment, fear, or hate hold’em from enjoying themselves.

Are you sincere? That’s a tough question, but you should, because many women wish for a sincere partner. Sincerity provides comfort, safety, and commitment — three qualities that women highly regard in men.

Sincerity makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s a sign of maturity that women of all ages love. Also, it puts the odds in your favor when you’re meeting her parents or friends. All they want is a good partner for their daughter or friend. If you appear to be sincere, you win them over easily.

Also, being sincere prevents you from getting caught up in casual drama. It definitely makes you stick out, but usually in a good way. Showing a woman that you’re a sincere man makes her want you more even if that means she can’t have you right now.

While women on social media want you to embrace your feminine side, dominance is what makes most women desire you sexually. I get it it’s nice to be around a feminine man, but doing ‘traditionally’ feminine things doesn’t make you more desirable. It makes you good company, a good friend, and easy to be around, but hot…. I think we all know the answer if we’re willing, to be honest with ourselves.

First, you need to know that women love submitting in bed. “If a guy is very dominant, I immediately surrender,” told a friend. Other women agreed. It’s not just our friend group that craves submission. Women love it for the competitive edge it offers. If you submit to your partner, you build your partner up, and that’s freaking hot. Almost any woman desires a hungry beast in the bedroom.

So, what do I mean by dominance? Certainly, not being a dick, but knowing what you want and how you want it. Dominance is a sub-genre of confidence. Many men fail to be dominant because they mistake it for being a dick. That’s not the case. If you act like a dick, you get treated like one. So, be better and be confident.

Confident men don’t feel the need to boss others around, judge, or argue. Since they already figured out what they want and who they want to be with, they don’t waste time on things that don’t contribute to their goals.

 Dominance is assertive confidence. 

Women desire dominant lovers that know how to please a woman. Your dominant confidence is sexy, seductive, and incredibly hot if it’s followed by great sex. Make sure you’re not just dominant, but also know how to please a woman. Dominance alone won’t make her cum(…)

As much women enjoy a dominant lover, we favor men that submit or at least commit to our pleasure. In other words, do what feels good for us without questioning it…

  Author: EM | Source | Photo by  Danny The Designer from Pexels​​


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