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Has Online Dating👫 Created a Shallow World?🌎🎞️

Has Online Dating👫 Created a Shallow World?🌎🎞️

Where People Only Care About a Person’s Outward Appearance.

More like online shopping to find a partner based on looks alone.

Here are some threats from Tinder…

I tried multiple dating sites apps, Tinder, Bumble, Match etc.
As a girl, I would match with pretty much everyone I swiped right to or had interest in (because guys swipe right to everybody, but when the guys started talking to me they didn’t care about who I was as a person even though I wrote down my interests and filled the description.

It felt like they just wanted to hookup and be done with it. I hate hookup culture. It feels like I was born in the wrong time. Everyone is so shallow. I don’t think it was always like this. Pre-technology people would be forced to get to know someone before deciding if they wanted to date them.

TLDR Online dating Looking at faces and ignoring what is inside.
Hi there, I’m a girl very much looking for something serious. And while I agree with much of what you say, I want to point out that things aren’t much better on the other end of the gender spectrum.

I mostly use Bumble because I’ve found the conversations to be much more functional than on Tinder or apps where men message first and I get fewer dick pics that way. I usually give a good 6 hours before I message someone first- most of my matches come from guys blind swiping on me and I want to give them apt time to unmatch me if they want. I’d say about 2/3 of guys unmatched me once they actually slow down and see my pictures.

Being physically attractive as a woman is still the most important thing. I have a great, funny profile but it’s pointless if no one reads it and just unmatches based just on pictures.

So, Has Online Dating Seen It’s Better Days?
Absolutely not!
Online dating is not only here to stay, but will become even more popular.

After all, it’s the most effective way to meet new people that you wouldn’t have a chance otherwise. It offers to expand the horizon way beyond any local municipality, crossing oceans and borders without a visa. All from the convenience of your home. Especially considering the latest advancements of voice and video integration, without compromising personal contact information.

If you wonder if it can get even better… oh yes it can, as the next technology of automatic voice translation is in the works. This will make voice and video calls possible with someone speaking another language.

However, you can’t have the cake and eat it too.

It means you have to set your priorities and focus just on that objective. If you’re looking for casual hookups then APPS like Tinder and others where one meets on the merit of swiping on images is for you. You’ll not even have to worry about creating a detailed profile, as only physical appearance instead your personality are relevant.

If however, you’re looking for a lifetime partner or soulmate, wasting your time with shallow prospects will only sabotage your objective. After all…

You can’t expect to have a Deep Relationship with a Shallow Person. ~ Doe Zantamata
Appearance means Everything to this kind.
It doesn’t matter whether they’re considered good or not, as long as people think they’re hot. They could be dating the most wonderful person in the world, but will drop that partner like a used tissue if someone more attractive finds them interesting.

They’ll surround themselves with beautiful people, even if they don’t really like them, and cut down others for being ugly, fat, unfashionable, or just not cool enough to hang around with.

They reinvent themselves quite often as well, becoming a chameleon to matchy-match with whomever they’re occupying themselves with this month. They’ll adapt to any style aesthetic, pretend to love any music genre, just to fit in with whatever’s hot and trendy.

They’ll Date For Status, Rather Than Love.
For many shallow people, who they’re dating is just as important as how attractive other people think they are. In fact, if they’re with someone who is seen as hot and desirable by other people, then they believe that elevates them in other people’s eyes.

They may not even like the person all that much, but they look good together. Bonus points if said person is wealthy and spends a ridiculous amount of money on them to keep them around.

They’ll Bail On Plans If Something Better Comes Along.
You make plans with this person to spend time together, even if it’s just going out for drinks or a movie, but then they text you at the last minute to tell you they can’t make it.

Not because they’re sick or a relative needs them, but because some super-cool event is happening and it’s a one-time thing and they were put on the guest-list and OMG, so sorry, maybe next time.

Celebrity Gossip And Trash Talking.
Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” That’s pretty spot on.

If someone is a superficial mess, chances are that the only things they’ll talk about are which celebrities are dating or pregnant, and who in your social circle has gained weight.

Ideas, current events, ponderings about the universe as a whole are unwelcome because they’re boring, so they’ll prattle about other people’s lives instead.

They Identify With Their “Stuff.”
These are people who readily flaunt the latest gadget that they’ve picked up (before anyone else has theirs, of course), and warble about how much their new designer clothes cost.

They treasure luxury items with high-profile labels, and are sure to mention those items in conversation whenever possible, especially if they get to laugh off how much they paid for them.

Selfie City.
If you check out their social media feeds, you’ll find ten thousand photos of their face. “Me, me, me, look at me” seems to be their mantra, and you can bet that they take a hundred selfies before finding the perfect one to post that hour. Bonus points if they’re near a reflective surface so there are infinite images of themselves in all directions.

“Enough About Me, What Do You Think About Me?”
Don’t even bother telling this person anything about yourself and expecting them to care: anything that comes out of your mouth is just white noise, and will be forgotten seconds after it’s said.

You can tell a shallow person a dozen times that you have a deathly allergy to peanuts and they’ll still offer you some each time they see you, followed by a “Right, OMG I forgot. Sorry! LOL” response.

They Won’t Do Anything Unless It Benefits Them.
The only things that these people get involved with are those that will benefit them in some way, somehow. That charity event they’re helping with? Yeah, that’s so they can get close to the local celebrity they want to meet. The new person they’re spending so much time with can get them into the VIP lounge at their favorite club.

And so on.
Altruism isn’t in their vocabulary: it’s all about what other people can do for them, and what they need to do in order to make that happen.

Consequently, you should choose a more conventional dating site.
One more oriented towards serious relationships, and that’s the easy part.

The more difficult part will be to accept the fact, that finding an ideal lifetime partner will take a lot more time, effort, and patience. Especially when such an ideal partner turns out to be on the other side of the globe, and distance, language and cultural differences come into the equation.

In the end it will all be up to you, to either settle with someone just not to be alone, or hang in there until you discover that special person that makes you feel like a rediscovery of a long lost friend, lover, and soulmate combined.

Regardless of anything,  everything in our life worthwhile always takes a lot of time and effort.  Be it education, vocational advancement, or personal achievements. All depend on our will and tenacity to succeed with our goals and dreams. As a popular saying puts it so eloquently…

Good Things come to those with the Patience to Wait! Greater Things come to those Determined to Act! The Best Things come to those who, Never… Ever, Give Up!


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