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What Is a Real Chemistry Between Two People? 10 Sure Signs

What Is a Real Chemistry Between Two People? 10 Sure Signs

Bogged down in boring emotionless relationships or tired of a roller coaster?

In order not to drag yourself into a destructive unpromising alliance with the wrong person, you need to figure out what compatibility and chemistry are. Let’s find out how to stop confusing these concepts and how understanding their essence will help build a full-fledged relationship. We will start with a very simple question, “What is chemistry between people?” We will try to figure out the physical chemistry and the definition of chemistry in general.

Definition of Chemistry Between Two People

The definition of “chemistry” (spontaneous mutual attraction) as applied to relationships initially seems erroneous. What is the relationship between the mutual sympathy of people and academic discipline with hookah-like equipment? However, given that interpersonal “chemistry” may turn out to be just as flammable, toxic, and rapidly evaporating as liquids gurgling in a test tube in a school laboratory, this term begins to make sense.

Unlike real chemistry, however, interpersonal chemistry is not so easily explained logically; no one knows exactly why certain people are attracted to each other or stay together, although they are like chlorine and ammonia. We simply believe that without interpersonal chemistry, relationships do not exist.

Although mutual attraction is necessary, it is difficult to spend a lot of time with a person who is not interested in you – there is no reason to maintain a toxic relationship. Even if you are a master of chemical cocktails, do not think that mutual attraction can be influenced by conversation, love, a new haircut, joint relaxation on the weekend at the hotel, decorated with images of cats, or psychotherapy.

In reality, chemistry, interpersonal and scientific, is necessary, dangerous, and consists of elements that cannot be changed, we cannot ignore it or do without it. But in relationships, it is almost beyond our control, and in love, just as in the development of oxytocin, the point is not at all whether this is useful to us or not.

Attempts to control interpersonal chemistry for maximum results are quite normal: we want to establish good relations with nice people who turn out to be pleasant in communication and who we can always rely on. However, chemistry often attracts us to inappropriate people, awakening the dark side of our personality and preventing rational thinking. We desperately hope for our ability to keep it in check, and sometimes we do not want to recognize obvious signs that we cannot accept.

Once you recognize the presence of chemistry, it is easy to see where it can lead you and whether you will be closer to the relationships and future that you value. That’s why you need rules and procedures – not to control the chemistry of relationships, but to evaluate its strength and not to forget where you are moving, no matter how hard it pushes you. Whatever the context, chemistry requires caution when mixing anything, using special glasses, protecting the heart, and hoping that you have done your best for a passing score.

It is important to consider that two individuals can end up falling in love with each other during dates before a relationship. This euphoria that binds the two of them is very strong, and it fools their mind to the point that they being to lie to themselves, nothing seems real to them anymore. And then, after these initial feelings fade away, they end up realizing that the person next to them isn’t perfect, maybe even quite the opposite.

If you don’t seem to have any sort of chemistry with your partner, then there is no point in trying to save such a relationship since you can meet girls now by using thousands of different dating sites that you can find on the Internet right now.

Now that we know the definition of chemistry, let’s move on.

  • What Does the Chemistry Between People Depend on?
  • What are the criteria for the creation of chemistry?
  • What makes the chemistry between a man and a woman?

Similarities between partners

What causes chemistry between two people?
If partners keep finding similarities in each other, they always find something new to discuss, to talk about, to have fun doing something they enjoy – they certainly have some sort of chemistry.

Mutual interest

If partners have mutual interests, something that brings them joy, something that keeps them intrigued and interested – they will certainly have fun together, and thus, it is fair to say that there is a sort of chemistry between them.

Intimacy and trust

Intimacy plays a large role in relationships, no matter what they tell you, and there can be either no chemistry between two loving individuals when it comes to sex and foreplay, or there can be quite the opposite, they seem to perfectly match each other in any given way.

Now that we know the answer to the question, “What is chemistry between two people? What does it depend on?” let’s look at the signs of chemistry.

The Main Signs of Chemistry Between People

Can other people see the chemistry between two people? Sure, and we will try to identify the signs of chemistry from this exact perspective. The amazing thing is that the most striking love stories are not fiction. Very often, one or both people do not understand that they are drawn to each other. There are 10 signs of having love chemistry between people.

1. The concept of time seems to disappear
How to tell if there’s chemistry between two people? The two cannot part, and they do not notice how they spent several hours together. Another illusion associated with time is expressed in the feeling that both know each other all their lives.

2. Difficult to look away
Here’s one of the most important signs of chemistry between a man and a woman. Even if the toughest man in love tries to put on a mask of indifference when meeting with the object of adoration, his eyes give out. He gets very emotional, remembers every word, every tiniest gesture.

3. Impossible to hide the joy
Animation and joyful excitement, which cannot be hidden, appear at every meeting with a loved one.

4. Easy to bear the silence
Here’s an important sign of chemistry between people. There is no awkward silence between people in love. They are happy to be together, even if you do not need to exchange phrases.

5. Butterflies in the stomach
Each encounter with a loved one creates a pleasant physical sensation in the body. Usually, it is accompanied by enthusiasm or inspiration.

6. Physically noticeable arousal
This is not about lust or vulgar things. It is understood that at the first signs of chemistry in humans, it manifests itself at the physiological level. It could be:

  • mild nervousness
  • fussiness
  • confused breathing
  • pink cheeks

Such signs are especially noticeable to others.

7. Lots of fun
Not everyone expresses the same feeling. Sweets and bouquets are clichés that do not always work. Some people begin to find fault and make fun of each other. And that is precisely their language of love.

8. Attention to detail
Lovers notice such trifles as new perfumes or an unusual shirt. They may remember a halved chocolate bar for years.

9. Mystical coincidences
Here’s a sign of intense chemistry between two people. The beginning of love is accompanied by incredible insight. People guess each other’s thoughts and actions, accidentally end up together in one place.

10. Sexual tension
Others may not notice this feature. But lust increases many times when you see a person whose feelings for which you have not yet fully realized.

These were the characteristics of good chemistry between two people, and now let’s talk about the ways to create it.

Things That Help Develop Chemistry in Relationships
How to create chemistry between characters?
How can you create chemistry between a man and a woman?
If you want relationships to bring you joy and satisfaction, and this satisfaction is not limited only to the sexual sphere (although it cannot be ignored), you need to understand what compatibility and chemistry are. Obviously, both components are present in a good union.

You need to understand what you really are and what you want from a future partner. If it’s difficult for you to do this, you may have to gain enough experience to decide.

For example, you are a man with a fairly high level of intelligence. You understand that you cannot meet a girl with whom you will have nothing to talk about. Yes, of course, you can stifle hostility with a portion of alcohol and thus survive a couple of dates. But do you want to turn alcoholism into your hobby? Conclusion: you need to look for a girl with a high level of intelligence because this characteristic is extremely important for you. This will take into account the compatibility aspect.

In addition, you need to decide which women you are attracted to. Suppose you find that you are attracted to energetic and decisive women, they complement your nature well because you are quite calm and phlegmatic.

Accordingly, when you meet such a person, you need to consciously approach the prospect of a relationship with them. Remembering that you need a smart woman, you most likely will not rush into the pool with your head. In the same way, you are unlikely to start a relationship with an intellectual of a soft nature, knowing that she will not satisfy you emotionally.

Approach your choice wisely.
This may sound too pragmatic, but you won’t last long on compatibility or chemistry alone. This can be quite fun, but you are clearly worthy of a life without half measures.

 Image by Tú Anh from Pixabay


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