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About Soulmates and Twin Flames 🎞️

In the past 25 years the word Soul mates has been over used making it very difficult to understand.

The Soulmate connection is a very powerful connection, we do have more than one that enters in our life, unfortunately not all are positive love connections.

There is so much controversy all over the internet of the definitions and the types of soul mate connections you may share, Compatible Soulmate, Twin flame, past lives or karmic energy and Etc,.

Trying to figure out and determine the type of soul connection you share with someone can get confusing. I wrote this blog specifically to help you understand the Soul connection you may share with a loved one, explaining more in depth to give greater clarity on soulmate connections. BTW I’m in the middle of writing my first book “Soul and Twin soul connections” subscribe to this blog and you will be notified first before it’s released to the public.

I’m frequently asked these questions.

  • What are the differences between soulmate connections Twin souls and Karmic connections?
  • Did I meet a soul mate?
  • When and will I ever meet my true soulmate?
  • How do I know if we share a soul mate connection?
  • Is my Spouse or partner my Soulmate?

True Soul mate connection are joined before you are born into this life, you have no control on who is your soulmate. The soulmate bond is someone who comes into your life and makes an a very deep impact on a person’s life. The one thing you can’t do is to go out and search for a specific spiritual soul mate bond or try to make a love relationship a true Soulmate.

Immediately the thought of twin souls is confusing for most people, they may think they are with their twin-flame when it is actually a soulmate connection.

Twin flames or a twin souls are the other half of you. Twin souls go through many interesting and various lifetimes in order to unite with their twin, it’s a 50/50% chance that they discover each other; some do and some don’t however that doesn’t mean that a twin soul is better than a Soul mate.

Twin flames when they do meet in a lifetime, they may or may not hit if off at the beginning, experiencing negativity and chaos before they can live in harmony and peace with each other, be advised most Twin-flames can first be a very toxic relationship.

Twins souls are devoted to each other no matter what the circumstances, even when they apart, nothing can separate them, their love is unconditional. Their Love is so extreme that it can become a thin line between love and hate.

Twin-flames can meet as early as in elementary school then separating for many years, then going on living their lives apart but always feeling the energy of their twin-flame, always thinking of them and wanting to reunite, many times several years can past when they do find each other, discovering he/she has their own family, this can be a very happy and sad situation. Once Soul mates reunite they know they are home and peace and can’t be separated again.

Soulmate and Twin-flame Situations

Big age difference is very common, married or in a partnership, living thousands of miles away, living in another country, but no matter what obstacle is in their path, Twin flames seem to always reconnect one way or another.

Soul mate connections also share a compatible relationship, this is an amazingly balanced kind of bond, just like your “BFF”. With a twin-flame they are usually the opposite if each other but mirroring their twin-flame, a little confusing but the synchronicity is intense and absolutely amazing!

Karmic (past life) Connection

Karmic energies can feel like twin-flames, just as extreme as the twin soul energy. There’s a special type of feeling that you’ve known him/her, like a familiar feeling of knowing that person but can’t remember.

Karmic soul connections usually go through a many lifetimes together, they get together at troublesome times when they can truly support each one other.

You will have many different types of Soulmate and non soulmate connections. Every soul mate connection is unique in some way, some soulmates enter as a couple, as family or friends.

All Soul mates will connect and at different time and lifetimes. They are sent to help you learn lessons on the way towards finding your spiritual destiny.

Your twin soul can help you reveal what your inner truth is help you find the faith you need to move on in your life, Twin-flames help us create and find our true path.


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