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It’s Already Happening But People Don’t See It – Alan Watts on Duality 🎞️

An inspirational and profound speech on Duality

The music of life, and How It Is All Happening Around Us from the late philosopher Alan Watts. Original Audio sourced from: “Alan Watts – Coincidence of Opposites” Video Produced and Edited by T&H Inspiration “The problem comes up because we ask the question in the wrong way.

We supposed that solids were one thing and space quite another, or just nothing whatever. Then it appeared that space was no mere nothing, because solids couldn’t do without it. But the mistake in the beginning was to think of solids and space as two different things, instead of as two aspects of the same thing.

The point is that they are different but inseparable, like the front end and the rear end of a cat. Cut them apart, and the cat dies. – Alan Watts. (1915 – 1973)

Stella Scott

Duality refers to two sides of the same coin. If people stretch their imagination sideways regarding anything, they will find advantages and disadvantages. Anything can suffice, but to use democracy as an example, with one hand, it extends freedom and, with the other, takes it away subject to circumstances and human conduct. In this manner, duality represents a discernable fact of life.

One importance of duality is protecting our mental health. People who understand duality can’t be affected by the praises and criticisms of others as they know that there will always be people affected positively and negatively by their conduct. They will unlikely develop neither pride nor self-pity and maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul balance.

Duality is also key to living harmoniously. Once you’ve established that everything in life exists on a continuum with opposite extremes, you have a bird-eye view with which to move appropriately. Understanding duality prepares you for uncertainties because, in any situation, you are alive to the possibility of the opposite happening and can adjust your conduct to prevent fallout.

Ellie Walters

Duality is a concept that illustrates that balance is experienced between two opposing forces. Too much of one breaks the balance, just as the absence of one breaks the balance. This concept teaches that understanding and appreciation of anything (life, nature, etc.) are never complete till the two sides of the proverbial coin and the synergy between their relationship is understood.

Duality is experienced in everyday life. For example, no one would be truly rich or poor if everyone had the same level of wealth, and peace would never be appreciated if wars never existed. Nothing will be valuable if there is nothing to compare its value to.

People often pray, wish, or hope for the best outcome in any situation, but they can only do so because they have either seen, experienced, or heard what the alternative is like. In general, only the elderly appreciate youth, and rarely do we consider good health a blessing until we are ill or bedridden. Just as no one can be happy if they have never experienced a sad moment. The good moments would just be, without holding any value, and would never be appreciated. The bad memories make the good ones appealing, while the good memories make the bad ones appalling.


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