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When Love Becomes Infiltrated by Jealousy and Hate 🎞️

Obsessive emotions increase the propensity for aggressive and violent actions. 

This video is about a motivational story about forgiveness, true love, and honesty. It is thought-provoking (and scary) as these days people are more forgiving of domestic violence, and combined with the current political environment and division, we’re heading towards a toxic time.

We all better wake up soon and realize that we’re in a deep hole, and we better stop digging before we reach hell on earth. Perhaps the story of The Blind Prince will give you something positive to think about… and set in motion.


The moral of the story, in the video ending for language translation…

Because of her Impure love,
she had created trouble and hatred,
hurt other people and destroyed herself.

You see in life, the truth is not only in good looks,
but it is in a pure heart and pure mind.

Emotions, good ones such as bad ones, can be impure…
or they can be whole and real.

Love should never be destroying.

Love and jealousy should never be together.

Real, true and all forgiving love is the truth.

Love that breaks, destroys and hurts other people,
is not love, it is something else.

Sometimes everything in life can be an illusion,
only time will go on relentlessly.

So don’t waste your time by hurting other people,
or thinking thoughts or doing deeds that are no good to anyone.

Use your time here wisely…
and be a good person.


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