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What Men Don’t Get About Being Attractive

What Men Don’t Get About Being Attractive

But need to understand to attract the women they want.

What is it that women find incredibly attractive in men? You might think of money, looks, a successful career, maybe a great sense of humor, or being a good partner. Well, each and every one of these attributes gets you female attention.

But the question I have for you is a little more straight: what do you want to attract a woman with?

<strong>The answer is as simple as you wish it to be.</strong>
If you want to attract a woman with money, that’s what she’s attracted to. If your looks catch her attention, she will stay with you as long as you’re looking good. And the career? Well, if that’s the reason she’s with you, you know when you lose her.
Is money the answer?
Now, this might sound strange at first. I get it, it didn’t make sense to me until I had a closer look at unhappy relationships, including why people got together. If it’s money, I can tell you it won’t make you happy:

Money creates an uneven relationship. If you spend time with her, she gets used to it and might overlook your flaws, which gives her a later reason to leave you for another guy with more money.

Does this story sound familiar to you? Well, it’s the sad truth for many men and women who thought they could buy themselves into a loving relationship.

Finding out the truth much later is a painful experience I don’t want you to have. So it’s better to set the record straight and start with an honest foundation of trust and build a solid friendship before you jump into an expensive relationship.

Paying is loosing
Paying for expensive dates is a bad habit. If done correctly (awfully), you end up paying for the relationship. As soon as the money thins out, you’ll lose a woman’s interest in the next best guy.

Expensive dates attract gold diggers. A woman might date you just for the experience and not for yourself. Also, the most expensive date locations offer little to no space to get to know each other.

It is a fact that many women are attracted to men who can afford to take them on extravagant dates.

However, this creates a problem because it can lead to women dating men they aren’t really interested in as more than just friends. They’re just using them for their money!

It’s not just the women you have to be careful with
Now, you might argue that that’s how you get with women, but have you ever wondered why rich man exchange their women so often or fail to keep up with a woman? Well, it has something to do with money and personality. Let’s focus on the money bit first.

Countless celebrity horror-dating stories confirm this sad reality. You shouldn’t expect love, commitment, or a meaningful relationship. The more you spend, the higher you lose. Why? Think about the position you’re putting yourself in.

Money has a personality of its own. It attracts people — not just women, for no good reason. You might ask, why? The answer is simple. Everyone dreams about winning a ticket to the lottery.

Are you the lottery ticket?
Other people might see you as their lottery ticket. That isn’t just limited to women, friends, acquaintances, and even your family could try their luck and convince you to spend money on them.

If you’re trying to impress someone with your wealth, they might see you as a source of income — which isn’t exactly romantic. And if you’re trying to impress someone who values experiences over material goods? Well, then you might be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Expensive dates attract gold diggers. A woman might date you just for the experience and not for yourself. Also, most expensive date locations offer little to no space to get to know each other.

Spend less and have more
It hurts to realize that people just like you for your money. What’s the best cure? Well, I argue for the band-aid method. Once you realize someone likes you for the money, plan your relationship exit.

The faster you move, the better it is for you. Avoid unnecessary drama and pointless arguments. Just know who you’re dealing with and dedicate less time and money to them.

If you really want to know, stop spending. Who sticks with you around? Spending less is the only thing you need to do to get your answer.

Back to the top, money isn’t the answer. It never has been or will be part of genuine relationships. If you use the money to attract people, you lose their interest as quickly as you stop spending. And if someone is just with you for the money to keep their attention. So what else have you got?

What about looks?
Are looks the answer? The suggestion of working on your looks caught some of you on the wrong foot. I tried my best to point out that women don’t want to have the picture-perfect man, but there are simple hacks that drastically improve your looks.

For instance, you can…

  • Work on your confidence. Confidence is what makes you attractive. Men and women are equally attracted to confident people. If you like to be treated better and considered to be more attractive, work on your confidence. Also, pair your confidence with a good sense of humor to boost your attractivity.

The first step is to stop worrying about your looks and start focusing on your personality. If you’re confident, have a good sense of humor, and are willing to take some risks in life, you will make women feel comfortable around you.

  • Dress up. You should dress a little better than anyone around you. That can be as simple as wearing proper shoes instead of flip-flops or putting a white shirt on instead of a regular T-shirt. It’s not about glam or style. It’s about putting a little more effort into your looks:

It’s also important to dress well when you go out. Don’t try too hard — there’s nothing worse than being overdressed when it comes to meeting women — but don’t go out in shorts and flip-flops either! You need to look put together and ready for anything while also being able to relax and enjoy yourself.

  • Increase your natural attractivity. You have features that make you naturally more attractive. If you struggle to find them, think about the compliments you’ve received in the past. What do people — women like praise you for? If you can’t think of anything, acquire new skills and qualities that make people attractive.

If you’re not naturally attractive and don’t have any special skills or qualities that make you stand out, then it’s up to you to work on your appearance so that women will find you desirable.

  • Avoid games. Games mess with people. They might be fun at first, but as soon as you feel the pain after someone played with you, you understand how much it hurts. Instead of playing games, be authentic. Now, authenticity has its price. It can be painful too, but it’s more rewarding in the long run because it attracts authentic people.

Some people think they have to be a certain way or do certain things, but the truth is that it’s not about any sort of “game” or manipulation.

It’s just about being yourself and allowing yourself to be vulnerable around her — and paying attention to her feelings. The more you can do this, the more likely it is that she’ll trust you and want to have sex with you.

Be calm. Being balanced and calm increases your attractiveness like nothing else. You’ll shine compared to all the emotionally weak, unbalanced, and troubled men. Being mindful is about doing, saying, and responding less. Meditation can help, but it’s not necessary to achieve mindfulness — a shift in thinking is good enough.

Actually, meditation isn’t about doing something:

It’s a common misconception that meditation is about doing something. But meditation isn’t about doing. It’s about not doing. We’re always busy doing something or being someone. We hardly take the time to be nothing and focus on our energy. Alan Watts helped me find that energy(…)

You’re not trying to accomplish or achieve something. You’re not trying to be a better person, or get somewhere in your life, or make friends with your coworkers — you’re just trying to let go of all that stuff for a little while and disappear into nothingness.

It’s true — women want to be with somewhat attractive men. Stating this in a previous story earned me harsh criticism. But I won’t deny it, because I know that men want to be with somewhat attractive women. So, the goal here is to care more and not less.

Work on your appearance, personality, and communication skills. Your improvement will make you more attractive and get you on the radar of more women. The harder you work on yourself, the better you get. Putting in a little extra work might make you more successful.

Being successful
Do you care about a woman’s success? Answer this question honestly before you continue reading.

I guess we can agree that success is appealing, but if we take a closer look, we see that’s not the success, but the personality of the successful person that we’re attracted to.

Success requires confidence, bravery, and personal strength. All three of them are very attractive qualities in a partner. Successful people are generally better at handling stress and making tough decisions — two more hot qualities!

Women are attracted to men with good strong characters because those guys are more likely to be able to provide for their families.

But that doesn’t mean women want to be with someone who’s a complete jerk and doesn’t care about her needs. No, she wants a man who is just as concerned about how he looks as she is.

So overall, it’s less about success and more about personality. The good news is that you can acquire all these qualities without being successful. Actually, acquiring them won’t limit your future success for women. Personal development touches all parts of life if you let it.

Now, what makes a good partner?
 It isn’t money, looks, or success but personality. 

If you improve on a personal level, life rewards you. You will achieve personal, professional, and financial success. The harder you work on yourself, the more likely you’re to succeed in life. The good news is that success translates from one branch to another.

Overall, personal development is the only thing that you should be concerned about. Stop worrying about the women you’re not with. Embrace what you have and work on what you want.

Or who you want to be with and why you want to be with you? I’ve already answered your questions. So, pay attention to what you attract women with.

Can an average man boost his attractiveness? Yes, he, pardon me, you can. There’s no need to be exceptionally good-looking, smart, or young — being average is more than enough IF YOU APPLY THE RIGHT STRATEGY.

In other words, hacking your behavior with simple strategies positively impact your success with women of all ages. As a woman, I know what women are looking for in men. Hint: all women desire an attractive man.

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