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Here’s Your Sign to Find Enlightenment Now

Here’s Your Sign to Find Enlightenment Now

The universe is telling you that it’s your time.

What if I told you that the greatest thing you can achieve in this lifetime requires no money, no career status, no specific relationships, and no material possessions?

It’s time to let go of everything you’re worried about and step into your true power as a human being. Yes, you. I’m talking about you — there, on the other side of the screen reading this.

You found this article and you clicked on it, didn’t you? Therefore, something is sending you a clear message right now that it’s your time.

Lots of people like to be gatekeepers of enlightenment. They like to say that “ascended masters” are them and the rest of humanity is us. If one of us says that we’re pursuing enlightenment, we’re scoffed at. Ordinary humans can’t do that!

Oh, but we can. And we must!

The notion that enlightenment is somehow reserved for a select few people is simply ridiculous since each and every one of us is on a path to enlightenment whether we like it or not. Whether we know it or not. If you have a mind, then you are on your way back to unity with the great mind of the universe. You may be convinced that this is not true at the moment, and you may be married to the separation you experience in waking life, but you will come around eventually.

Life on Earth is all about ascension and transcendence and all that jazz. Not a single one of us is actually here to just eat, work, sleep, and reproduce.

We’re here to evolve as souls and find unity.

Enlightenment is weird. It can happen to you anytime. It doesn’t require you to meditate in a cave for ten years. In fact, I would argue that for most people, great awakenings happen at the most unexpected times, like when you’re walking into a subway station late at night. Suddenly reality feels totally different.

The time is right now.
Don’t waste a minute. Get down to it. You’ve spent your whole life until now just moving along with the current, getting caught up in the ups and downs, and allowing yourself to believe that you don’t have control over your own mind. Now it’s time to let that all go.

You have command of your mind and the events in your life. You must believe that. Realize that you’re much more than what you think you are.

Animals react to situations. They follow instinctual programming and don’t have a lot of free will. They are born, do their best to stay alive, and then die. They’re unable to rise above their existence to understand what they truly are. They’re unable to analyze their own minds to transcend themselves. But you? You are a human being. You are able to do anything.

So, why not try to do it right now?

Your everyday problems need to be set aside.
The first thing you can do to transcend your petty existence is to set aside all the shit that’s been on your mind recently. Just step out of it. If you didn’t have all that stuff going on, who would you be? Ask yourself that.

Your worries and troubles aren’t you. They don’t define you and they aren’t even attached to you, really. You’ve created them. I won’t go into how you manifest your problems here. I wrote about that a while ago.

If you can move past the things that stress you out, you’ll see that you are always a stable, present being no matter what’s going on. It’s your ego that’s making up all the bad situations. The thought that you’re a victim of circumstance and fate is just a story you tell yourself.

Become a higher-level being by disallowing the events in your life to bring you up or put your down. Just expect the unexpected and flow with life.

All you need to do is relax, trust, and open yourself to it.
Surrendering yourself to life is the most important thing you can do right now. There is more that will come. But for your beginning into this journey, pure surrender is the most courageous thing you can do — and it will bring you so much happiness.

Of course, after that, you should start meditating and communing with nature. But don’t overwhelm yourself.

Trust in the universe. Trust in divine timing. Trust that you wouldn’t exist in this realm, on this planet, in this body, and in this life unless you were supposed to. Trust that everything happens for a reason. Everything is unfolding just as it should.

Open yourself up to the possibilities you denied for your whole life until now. Maybe you can fly. Maybe you can read other people’s minds. Perhaps the laws of nature aren’t what you thought. Maybe time isn’t real!

Surrender to the knowingness of unknowingness.

What you thought life was all about five minutes ago? Just let it subside right now and think about what and who you really are — and why you’re here. You must get to a higher state of mind and keep on climbing up.

The divine in me recognizes the divine in you.

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Emily Jennings

Emily Jennings


Emily aims to help heal and elevate others. The world is reaching a crisis state because we have forgotten who we really are and how to be whole. Let’s get back to balance and deep connection. I write to shock. I write about truth, consciousness, and bliss. | Wellness & Oneness | Embrace Love |

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