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What Guys Like in Girls More Than Good Looks? 10 Qualities

What Guys Like in Girls More Than Good Looks? 10 Qualities

How do you get a guy to like you?

Of course, when a guy first meets a girl, he is attracted by her physical appearance and gets his first impression based on this criteria, but when communication goes further, he starts to investigate the inner qualities of the girl. At this stage of relationship, his attraction goes further than the pretty face, he subconsciously looks for certain qualities of the inner beauty and falls in love with “the whole package” :). Let’s talk about what guys like in girls more than good looks or which qualities men find very attractive in women.

1) She takes care of herself.
As I already mentioned, the first impression is based on looks, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is a supermodel. She takes care of her makeup, she looks neat, her nails are perfect, she always wears amazing perfume, her shoes are shiny, her hair always look silky and fresh. All this little details are only details, but guys usually notice them and find the girl who takes care of herself – very attractive.

2) She is funny.
Guys enjoy to be around a girl with whom they can have a good giggle. Humour is a great tool to make your communication easy and your conversations – fun. Not only guys like when a girl is finny, but also the other way around.

3) Smart.
Guys appreciate girls who have a certain originality in their thoughts, and with whom they can not only laugh and have fun, but also talk and share opinions. Girls who are smart and can take good decisions themselves are very attractive.

4) She is positive, she smiles…
Girl who has an optimistic and positive outlook on life is a lot more attractive than the one who habitually complains and talks about her problems all the time. A positive girl is able to love herself and, therefore, to love her man, she protects her inner happiness, joy and good mood, and this positive qualities give her a lot of energy which is very attractive. And another simple tip is – smile. When you smile, the guy will feel that you are approachable and friendly, and he’s more likely to smile back.

5) She listens.
When a girl has rare gift of a sincere listener – this “skill” is highly appreciated by men. She is attentive, able to listen and give an appropriate feedback… guy will look forward to spend more time with this kind of girl.

6) She is feminine.
Now, at the time of female’s emancipation, a lot of confident and independent ladies have more masculine character’s traits than men. They are determined, strong and responsible…and most men can see them only as good business partners, and not as a loving soulmate for creating a family. Men and women are very different, physically, emotionally and in many aspects – this is why they complete each other. When a girl behaves like a guy, she is more likely to be treated as just a pal, a friend and not a charming soulmate.

Femininity can mean a lot of things: sensuality, charm, warmth, elegance…in other words – you need to love your inner woman. If a girl is feminine and her attitudes, behaviour and personality reflects this, it won’t be difficult to attract a great man. When a guy feels your caring, loving and gentle spirit, he can’t help but desire to be near.

7) She is a little mysterious.
Especially in the beginning of relationship this quality can be really attractive. A touch of mystery means that you don’t throw on your guy every little detail of your life straight away and you don’t share all the problems you have. Give him space for imagination and he will look forward to know more. A mysterious girl seems more interesting to most guys, as it gives them something to figure out. But over-secrecy is not what I mean. Just, gradually, let him read yourself “page by page”, don’t give him the entire resumé of your “book” straight away.

8) She is kind.
Usually, if a guy looks for a life partner, he looks for a certain important trait of character – kindness. A guy doesn’t want his girl to be evil, capricious or forever grumpy. In the case of longterm relationship, the good and attractive looks go onto second place and the guy falls in love with the inner beauty, good qualities and kindness of his partner.

9) She is honest.
Lie repels people, weather it’s a guy or a girl. Only when your partner can fully and completely trust you – your relationship can be solid and strong. One lie can destroy many  years of trust in one second. It’s important to always remember this.

10) Understanding.
When a girl is able to understand her partner and she can even support him in his endeavours or share his hobbies or his love of football, she will definitely be special to his heart.

So, what guys like in girls? Well, it’s important to keep in mind, that all guys have different tastes and to find the ultimate recipe of success with the opposite gender would be a complete utopia. This is why, like in many other things you need to listen to your intuition and use your own experience.

Perfection has no limits, that’s why there is always a space for improvement. Let’s finish with a quote:

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

Stay happy!

Source | Featured Image by Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels 

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